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Whales and dolphins need your help today

 The ocean has become a dangerous place for whales and dolphins. They are hunted, held captive, and killed in fishing gear. The places they live are polluted. It’s wrong. These intelligent, social, amazing individuals deserve to swim safe and free in their ocean home. You can help make a difference, right now.

Please help protect whales and dolphins


When you adopt a whale or dolphin, you will get a unique insight into their amazing underwater world and learn about the incredible individual you have adopted.


When you make a gift to WDC, you make it possible for many teams of researchers and campaigners around the world to fight hard for whales and dolphins.

A gift in your Will

Including a gift of any size to WDC in your Will is a very personal and powerful way you can protect the whales and dolphins you love, long into the future.

Are you a potential corporate partner or philanthropic donor?

WDC is 30 years-old and we are proud to celebrate three decades of fighting to protect whales and dolphins. With your support we’ve have achieved many successes together. We’re a small team of passionate individuals and together, we’re making a difference. Will you help?